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Some more updates

New nets


New dinghy – Black Sheep

Before our trip from Puerto Galera to Busuanga in January I did some maintenance.. Here you see the new nets and my new dinghy Black Sheep

New cushion covers for JOJO

New covers for the cabins..

Some maintenance

Done with the transfer, now refurbishing starts..

Doing the pod hatches I did a little experiment with DIY anti skid paint. I used sand from the beach which i first washed to remove all salt. I then put it through a sieve and mixed it with 3 parts paint. The mixture needs to be stirred constantly and it can not be applied like regular paint but rather has to be “poked” on to get a uniform distribution of the sand. I am quite happy with the result. Look is ok, feel on bare feet is also good. However I will not use this method for other parts of the boat as i imagine it quite uncomfortable for sitting. Also for me the look is a bit too chaotic. I will still do the other two pod hatches the same way though.

Crossing the South China Sea on JOJO – Wharram Tiki 31 – video

And finally I managed to publish the video…

At anchor near Bolinao

I love JOJOs strong anchor and long anchor chain. Makes for a good and reliable hold. The people from the village are friendly and bring us grilled fish.

Crossing the South China Sea on a Wharram Tiki 31

This was one of the calmest days so I fired up the drone and took some shots.

bringing JOJO to the Philippines

JOJO was built in Austria. When I bought her she was docked in Italy near the adriatic sea.

In January 2017 me and a friend went to Italy to disassemble her and send her to Hong Kong via container ship.

She arrived in Hong Kong in March 2017 where we reassebled her and sailed her across the South China Sea to her new home, the Philippines.

You can check out Christophs blog here where he is posting about our adventure in Hong Kong.

I am also trying to catch up with posting some pictures and videos here.


Pleased to meet you..

This is JOJO, a Tiki 31 Wharram catamaran I bought inĀ 2015.

Go check out her history on her builders website

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